Mission statement:
qseven business solutions combines the most important fields of knowledge to be able to offer an overall solution to Small and Medium Entrepreneurs.

 Choosing can be difficult. We choose just the best mix of colours to get the best result.

qseven business solutions'general target group is SME’s. Within this target group we like to emphasize the starting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to do business with China.
This group benefits the most from an affordable overall advice when starting a company and good guidance in doing business with China.
Factually, one can think of advice in establishing a business plan, approving or making the financial plan, setting up a (financial) administration, to enroll a partly or totally outsourced administration or other advisory concerning business economy or tax.

Also we can do small or large market researches and provide you with a suitable recommendation.

Within our client and business environment, there are large suppliers of various products from China. When you are looking for products from China, we can provide you with the best quotation.
Feel free to contact us anytime when you are looking for sundries in China.